Comet is fairly easy to use and our design policy sticks to it. Please go to through this FAQs section if you're having difficulties with installation, registration or usage. If you there is something missing please join our discord server and ask.

  • What is this app?

    It's the best manga reading app for every platform (Android, iOS)

  • Is Comet a fork of tachiyomi?

    No, while tachiyomi is built specifically for Android platforms, Comet is built on top of react native supporting both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Comet has inbuilt scrapers?

    No, Comet is heavily inspired by MangaRock and we are going the same way. A single source only.

  • How Comet is any better than X app?

    Some random points from our trello board

    • It supports iOS and Android (probably Mac and Windows as well haven't tested yet)
    • We have our own servers
    • Reading progress is synced across all logged in devices
    • Machine learning recommendations
    • More upcoming features like third party logins

    While the above features are more than eye-catching, the best part of this whole project is our API and image serving servers. They are probably the fastest manga API servers. Why? Cause we are using HTTP/3 (QUIC) used in Google chrome and by Cloudflare.

    Yep, we compiled our own version of QUIC tool with the API language.
  • I don't want to install app, where can I preview it?

    You can find our app channel on youtube here